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Sunday, November 1, 2009

.... been busy

Last week I took a break from blogging.

I had much to say (don't I always?), but no time!
What have I been doing?

Well, I just started working out with

We're shooting for two times a week, 30 minute sessions with me doing 4 cardio activities on the other nights. Hopefully we'll say "bye-bye-bye" to my butt as well as other flabby parts on me. I won't miss them, and they WILL be gone.
However, Mandi killed me the first day. OK, I mean, I killed myself. She just told me what to do! I couldn't walk for almost 3 days. Getting up from a chair, sitting down in a chair. I waddled, OK?! Squats & lunges are NOT my friends. Hate 'em!
Shhh....Don't tell Mandi, otherwise she'll make me do more of them.
The family went camping last weekend. We drove SIX long, boring hours to a property that belongs to a friend of Mike's. It was so incredibly beautiful. So green, pine trees everywhere, fresh air.... four wheeling with the girls.... watching movies each night powered by the generator....watching Mike try to light a fire for an hour using ... what else? .. gasoline on wet wood (it rained for 2 days before we got there)... yep, the good old Eagle Scout in our family does it the safe way "everybody get far back", and stomp on all the little fires that spread w/ the gasoline....peeing in the open space with the meadow full of wildflowers swaying back & forth just for you (yes, I made sure Mike had a portable toilet for me)... OK, that wasn't so fun, but you get the idea.
I have some pictures I uploaded, but I'll make another post about it shortly.
I have to tell a story first.
While I was driving one of the ATV's w/ Katie behind me, (Mike had Maddie w/ him), we were riding in a huge meadow. I had my camera with me for some DUMB DUMB reason. Well, we were going through bush/grass that was about 5 feet tall, and I got this brilliant idea (or was it Katie's?) to take some pictures of Mike & Maddie in front of us. So, she starts taking pictures. We get to the top of the hill, and I said "OK, where's my camera?" She handed it to me, without my LENS CAP! "WHERE'S MY LENS CAP???" I about screamed at her. She said "I dunno, I dropped it back there". ::breathe in:: :: breathe out:: Then I lost it. I mean, how hard is it to tell your mother "mom... I dropped your lens cap!" and I would've stopped! No, this meadow is like 20 acres! So, we went up and down this meadow searching for a black lens cap for what felt like hours. I finally gave up. Katie was so upset. I've given up teaching her anything about thinking things through (i.e..... 3/4 cup of cinnamon, remember?). Common sense missed this girl somehow.
Well, Katie went four wheeling by herself, and managed to get a branch poking in the tire. Great... flat tire. So, this kid is not having a good day here! Finally, I took the girls and said "we'll walk the meadow". Maddie took off and went WAY ahead of us, and freaked me OUT! I mean, surely there's a copperhead just waiting to bite us or something! Well, I told her to come back to me, and within a second of turning around, she found my lens cap! Wahoo!! Now my pricey lens will be protected!

Part two with pictures to come soon......


  1. Oh my gosh, sometimes kids can be aggravating. How awesome that you are working out with trainer Momma! Lucky you. I need someone to work out with me after I have this baby!

  2. So glad she found the lens cap. I'm with you, sometimes I just think to myself, do my kids not think? Ugh.

  3. I'm glad you guys got to go camping it sounds like such a good time, I LOVE camping with movies, thats my type of vaca:)

  4. Squats & lunges are not my friends as well! Keep us updated on your new work out! :)
    You girls looked so cute!


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