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Friday, October 30, 2009

.... dressing up for Halloween

Every girl loves to dress up.
Whether it is once a year, every day.... whenever
I was surprised Katie wanted to dress up for Halloween this year.
She told me last year she wasn't doing it again.
She changed her mind.
She's a witch this year.
I'm such a mean mom and would never let her be a witch.
I gave in this year.

I wonder if she can wear those hose to church...

Miss Maddie is Sharpay from High School Musical.
We do almost all our costumes homemade (or attempt to).
I found her purple plaid hose from Target for only .94! Deal!

Pink is her favorite color.
At least, it was last week.
I think purple is her new favorite color.
Oh well... at least here we're using BOTH colors, so we're covered!

Look at those chompers.
I think braces are in our future.

finally, one peaceful picture together for me.


  1. Homemade costumes are the best!! Mom always made ours and so far I've done the same. (it gives it more personality) The girls looks so cute and pretty:) LOVE the makeup!


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