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Sunday, October 4, 2009


We've been enjoying our weekend with our friends Lopi & Julie from Independence. They brought along their 9 year old daughter Fiana to play with the girls. They're very good friends. Last night we left the girls home alone while we had a {quiet} adult dinner out. When we came home, it was quiet in the house. Katie was laying on the couch reading Eclipse. Maddie & Fiana were playing the game MASH.

Wait..... MASH? The same game that I played when I was a kid? Y'know the one that says "Mansion, Apartment, Shack, or House?!" The one that you write down 4-5 different people you could marry, how many kids you'd end up with, where you'll go on your honeymoon, what you're going to be for a career? Yep! That one! Ugh, I feel so old!

It's funny some of the games my girls play, are some of the stuff I played when I grew up. One of my favorite hand slapping games was "Miss Mary Mack". My mom taught me that one. She taught my girls that one too. I think Katie started learning all those girl hand songs when she was in 2nd grade, maybe 3rd. I remember thinking "whoa! this is stuff I used to do when I was a kid!" I do remember one song and it went something like "when Susie was a baby, a baby, a baby, when Susie was a baby, she went like this: WAHH, when Susie was a teenager a teenager a teenager, when Susie was a teenager she went like this ooh ahh i lost my bra ooh ahh i lost my bra". I thought that was like the most hilarious thing ever.

Ah, memories! What was YOUR favorite game as a kid?


  1. I loved playing mash as a kid!!

  2. MASH was big time when I was a kid. Also, paper folding games, when you fold the paper, write the numbers on the, outside, then write words on the inside. Hey, where are the pics from your weekend? Don't tell me you didn't take any? What about the new hair do?


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