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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

...our lips are sealed

Lately I've been listening to all of my old music, and a TON of Katie's music on my new iTouch.

However, I have to share a secret, and I've never known many parents to love, let alone... LIKE! their kids music! My parents were super cool, always listening to the cool stuff, but I do know a few parents out there who rolled their eyes at the music, or turned on the classical stuff. For the record, I was never into heavy metal, just the pop stuff. And Country never entered my ears until I was married to a cowboy {aka Mike}.

My secret is that... I love my kids' music! Gah! It's out! I love all those Kidz Rock with Disney CD's! I buy them at Justice when they're buy one get 2 free! Yes! Me! I could probably do without the Black Eye Peas group singing "Boom BOOM Pow" in my ear over and over again like it did this spring. I thought it was fun for a few weeks, but later on, once every 15 minutes was like... too much.

Enter this song in this YouTube video. I knew I heard it from SOMEWHERE.... but couldn't figure out where. Either way, I loved the song, and turned it up loud at work {in my headphones} so I could bop along with it. Then... I realized where it was from! The Go-Go's!! Loved that Belinda Carlisle! I'm suddenly feeling old if there are teens out there recreating all my '80's music. I mean, they even recreated the end scene of playing in the fountain!

Now check out the OLD version of "Our Lips Are Sealed" I personally think Belinda's necklace is way too Flintstones for me though.... I mean, are those dinosaur teeth? Shark teeth?

On my to do list: figure out iTunes and get those darn Kidz Bop 7 music off my iTouch.


  1. i also prefer the go-go's version - but the duff sisters did a pretty good job...HOWEVER, I must say, Hilary's latest rendition of a certain Depeche Mode song is HIDEOUS!! What happened to cute little Lizzy McGuire?

  2. I'm not quite at the listening to my kids music stage yet thankfully, since they listen to mickey mouse songs. :)

  3. I definitely like the go go's version better. I love my itouch, have you downloaded many apps yet. I love being able to have the scriptures and Joseph smith manual at my fingers and not have to worry about forgetting them on Sundays. We will swap music over Thanksgiving!

  4. I prefer the go-go's version. :)

  5. See, I just make my kids listen to MY music (which, thankfully, they do love). That way we're on teh same page. Nothing like my 5 year old singing, "Too late to pologize!" or my 3 year old singing, "I want my money back. Just enjoy the show" or best yet, the two of them singing their own versions of 21 Guns- "21 Guys" and "21 sisters" YES!


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