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Friday, September 11, 2009

....to the zoo we go

my brother & his little family came to town to visit us over labor day weekend.
we decided to go to the zoo.
it was a very....very.... VERY hot & humid day
what were we THINKING?

my nephew joshua is only interested in the water.
had we known that, he could've had all the water he wanted for free in my backyard.

yep.... loves his water

and he got lots of smooches from aunt amy (mimi) too

we tried to get a new picture of the three cousins for papa & grandma
unfortunately, joshua never would either look at the camera or smile
so....we gave up

well... here's a smile! finally!

while cooling off in the africa area, i asked my brother
"why is there a rock in the middle of that pool? that's so stupid
::looking again::
oh.... look how they put a stick on that rock.
oh, that's not a stick on a rock?"

oh, that's a hippopotamus, you say?
i was looking at a butt this whole time?

me: "hey mike...let's grab a picture really quick.. a good one for mom & dad"

me: "umm... yeah, let's do this again"

like how you can see every single pore & mole on our face?
oh photoshop! where art thou?


  1. what a great day at the zoo:)
    OH BTW i love photoshop.

  2. Love all the pictures! Your girls are so gorgeous! You also look so pretty Amy!

  3. I *love* the new blog look, and the picture of you and Mike! Is Sara Strohmeyer an LDS author, or can I find her books at Barnes & Noble?


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