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Thursday, September 3, 2009

....what happens when you drink a gallon of water?


You pee a lot. And I mean... A LOT!

My friend Mandi is awesome.... I love her to death. She's a major inspiration to me in her lifestyle of being healthy & active (and other areas too...). She worked hard to earn her physical fitness trainer certificate last fall... and she's an awesome trainer. She used to be a Kindergarten teacher and tipped the scales at 180 pounds, and now is a lean, mean... fighting momma machine!

Coincidentally... she has a great blog too about eating healthy... why eating flax seed is important... why drinking water is great.... and how she has a ways to go with her kids eating healthy at times when she's not around (don't we all have that problem?). :)

So, I've slowly been adapting some of her ideas into my life. Starting with exercise (intervals!! weights!!) ... and adding flax seed to my food (where's the floss?).... and drinking a gallon of water every day (I'm "apeeing every hour".... European too if you drink a gallon of water a day!).

So far... any results? Well, went shopping with Mandi last Saturday, and I had to buy a size smaller than I used to! It was funny b/c I couldn't find her at the store, so I called her on the cell in the dressing room, and said "where are you?" and I *think* she started laughing b/c she said "in the dressing room"... to which I started laughing. I said "open your door!" and she opened her door, and we were right across from each other! Ha! Anyways, fluke or no fluke ... it was awesome buying a size smaller.

Oh, and she has NO clue I'm spotlighting her on my blog. ::giggle:: I'm sneaky that way. But she does have the most adorable kids.

Check out her blog TRAINER MOMMA ... It's awesome.


  1. She sounds really awesome! How exciting that you needed to buy a size smaller. That right there shows that all your dedication has been worth it. Go Amy!!

  2. Bookmarked her blog! Way to go on a size smaller Amy!

  3. I completely agree with the flax seeds. I've been eating them in my cereal everyday for over a year and I think they help. They are soo good for you. Keep it up.

  4. my new favorite blog, thank you! Since I am done with my nutritionist, it's great to have some place to refer back to, to remind me of all of the great things I've learned!!! And she is absolutely right about the girl who trained for the marathon and didn't lose a single pound.. isn't that nuts? Congrats on your smaller size - that's always a great accomplishment!


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