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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

...things i've learned this week

  • having a uniform requirement for middle school is AWESOME

  • what's NOT awesome is soaking katie's white polo shirts in bleach water... THREE the first week!

  • said daughter still needs a bib...which caused me to soak said shirts in bleach water

  • said daughter also learned this week that black DOES go with red ::duh:: everything goes wth black

  • getting up at 5:15 does not guarantee I can get myself, two girls & a husband out of bed, fed, lunches made & ready for school & work by 7:30

  • no one helps me do anything .... I do all the work ::grumble::

  • when momma ain't happy, no one ain't happy (see above reason for why momma wasn't happy)

  • kids don't clean their room.... they shove all belongings in any openings possible

  • maddie has too many clothes

  • katie doesn't have enough clothes

  • katie learned that some friends from elementary school don't want to hang around her anymore.... she said she's not "cool" enough for some friends :(

  • proud that my daughter is strong enough as a person to be ok when brushed off by friends.... she said "it's their loss" ::sniff::

  • i seriously need my OWN ipod with my music ... using katie's ipod at work & bopping along to taylor swift is causing me to get some odd looks ::whatever::

  • introducing "gratitude" notebooks has proven to be a winner for my family.... everyone has their own notebook and whenever someone sees them do something nice for someone else, they get a note written in their own notebook! by anyone!

  • working out at night is soooo calming for me. i can elliptical like no one else.....

  • i still sleepwalk.....been finding my hearing aids & glasses in odd places in the morning ::blush::
  • laundry doesn't fold itself ::grumble::

...and for your visual pleasure.... here is katie eating one of those extreme sourballs... enjoy!


  1. Truly their loss. Hang in there Amy.

  2. Whew! That's a big week of learning. Those pictures of Katie are so funny. :)

  3. Your house sounds surprisingly alot like my house! Tyson has a few friends that are kinda wishy washy...one in particular that when he is one on one with a friend he is fine, but if they are in a group, he tends to try to "act cool" and put others down...I just used it as a learning experience to show Tyson why it's so important to try and treat everyone well.

  4. Wow what a week! Your girls are great and with you as their mom, they will have tons of confidence! Enjoy your almost 3 day weekend!!

  5. Having uniform requirement for High school would be so AWESOME.!

  6. 1. those other kids are lame. they probably pick their nose during recess. THAT is not cool

    2. you should get the ipod shuffle that has the clip on the back. its the best for workouts and work, because you can just clip to your pocket or collar or where ever

    3. are you really sleepwalking or are the girls playing a prank on you :)

  7. Hang in there, Nelsons! There are a lot of bumps in life, and some are a lot rougher than others. My heart goes out to you. AND, you all have an amazingly terrific attitude, might I say. Deb

  8. Ahhh-- junior high! Poor Katie-- unfortunatly girls are the worst durring those years. I didn't know you sleep walk? Thats crazy!! Anyways-- I am with you on the if mamma doesn't do it no one does. I am the ONLY one who picks up and cleans. Gag!


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