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Thursday, September 10, 2009

...new favorite author

I have found a new author.... whom I LOVE!!

I won the drawing of the newest book by Sarah Strohmeyer called The Penny Pinchers Club on Sweet Life in the Valley a few months ago, and finally had a chance to read it a few weekends ago. Sadly, I read it during my trip to my sister in law Tiffany's house... and couldn't put it down the entire weekend. ::blushing:: Sorry Tiff. Reading the book was way more interesting than watching the guys switch the fridge doors. ::giggling::

I requested some more books by this author Sarah Strohmeyer. I read The Cinderella Pact this last weekend. It was FAB! {there's some British words in there...} She's hilarious .... easy to read .... and says what everyone else is thinking, but doesn't ever say out loud!

I have a few more of her books to dive into, and I.Can't.WAIT!

So, if you want a good read by a great author, try one of these two books out.

Oh, and b/c I'm talking about books... I'm sad to say that I found out that Reading Rainbow, a show that I LOVED when I was a kid... is done. Finished.... I am going to miss that song... & Levar Burton.

Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high
Take a look, it's in a book - Reading Rainbow.

I can go anywhere!
Friends to know and ways to grow - Reading Rainbow.

I can be anything!
Take a look, it's in a book - Reading Rainbow.

In the words of Levar Burton about The Penny Pincher's Club...

"but....you don't have to take MY word for it!"

Read it!


  1. wow I didn't know that show was still on. I loved that show too. Thanks for the new book ideas.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations. I'll definitely have to check those out sometime.

  3. Thanks for the book updates, I've been looking for a new author. I will see if my library has them. I think we all loved watching the men make a mess of things...haha!

  4. Oh thank you! I am going to add these to my library list right now!

  5. Oh, wow! Thanks so much for the recommendation. But here's my Kevin Bacon relationship with Levar Burton....Levar Burton used to be on Star Trek. Star Trek used to star Jonathan Frakes who went to my high school (Liberty in Bethlehem, PA) and was on the debating team with my brother, Mark. Later, Jonathan married Genie Francis (from General Hospital when it was good) who was dating John Martinuzzi (a Casadine, remember?) while I was engaged to John's brother, Sam.

    Pant ~ Pant. So it's all copacetic, see? Anyway, by now I'm sure your readers think I'm nuts. But I'll be happy to send out a free book, etc, out of thanks.

    Also, Cinderella Pact's gonna be a Lifetime movie in February starring Poppy Montgomery. FYI.

    Thanks again!


  6. ::hyperventilating::


    Thanks Sarah!!

  7. How exciting for you, Amy! That is amazing!

  8. Id really like to read The Penny Pincher's CLub! How cool for you Amy, that Sarah stopped by! :)

  9. Ive been looking for something new to start after I finish the outlander series. Thanks for the idea:)


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