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Sunday, September 20, 2009

....cowboys 'n cowgirls

Last night our church ward had a Round Up activity.
Pony rides, goats & rabbits to pet for the kids
Games, boot mugs & cowboy hats for the kids
Delicious food for all

I've decided that this family needs real cowboy gear.
Cowboy boots (pink for Maddie of course)
cowboy hats
I'm seriously kicking myself for not liking Mike's cowboy boots & hat when we dated.
I think I let it slip that I didn't like them.
So he threw them away.
I want my cowboy back!


  1. These are the type of boots you need to buy for Maddie!


    Love the fatbabys, plus, they make them in all sorts of cute colors in adult sizes too! I mean, hello, you are in Texas now :)

  2. Wow, Amy...you have become quite the photographer! Your girls (and photos) are beautiful!!!

  3. How fun! I wish my ward would put on fun activities!

  4. I always thought you'd look good in boots and a sheepskin/leather vest! It's time that you all go cowboy! Katie's boots would have to be blue; and red (?) for you? Mom

  5. your pictures are great. I agree with Carey, you have become quite the photographer!

  6. amy, how could you?? how did you not realize that cowboys are H-O-T (whew! -fanning myself)

    matty boy bought a cowboy hat and started listening to country music (or at least attending concerts with me) in order to win my heart, back in the day.

  7. Girl, you are killing me! I think the cowboy left Mike the day we moved from AZ. hahah--- I cant picture him in a hat anymore. But Madi looks cute in hers:)


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