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Saturday, September 26, 2009

....blast from the past

My grandma has a big wooden trunk. It's full of so many wonderful, old, magical things. Like my aunt's first baby doll. My grandma's first baby doll. Pictures & newspaper clippings. Growing up, I used to love going through her trunk {I still do}, and she showed me all the things inside. One day that trunk will be mine {I hope}. It's magic... it really is. It's the one thing that I really love that's my grandma's. She stored all things that were important to her inside.
{well, at least I think she does}
For my graduation, my grandparents bought a hope chest, similar to theirs. I stuffed it full of things that I would someday take to my new home after I was married.
After I was married, it became my memory box, just like my grandma's. Sadly, the hinges broke off of it, and long story short, I no longer have my hope chest. :(
So, I made myself a new memory box. I limited myself to ONE (big) plastic box, full of my memories. I stuffed it full of all things of importance to me. Newspaper clippings of my days in Brownies & Girl Scouts, pictures of all my friends, boys that I thought were cute, old addresses, poems I had written, letters I received from friends, a tape that my mom made of me making noises when I was a baby. My first baby quilt, my own daughters' baby blessing outfit, and all my old corsages from the dances I went to.
I had been itching to go through it for awhile now. Today was the perfect day....and I had the perfect audience. My girls proved to me memory digging is in the blood. They had a blast laughing at pictures of me as a teenager, tried on my graduation cap & gown, laughed at my old glasses, laughed at all my old ... everything!
Everything truly brought back wonderful memories.

Several of my very best friends, doing what we do best....

Maddie trying out my cymbals my grandparents got for me from Egypt. I had to try it out for her. Too bad I don't know belly dancing. Now THAT would've been funny!

Laughing over my 16 year old "Olde Tyme" photos. Gosh, I had great legs then.

Ah, yes. Mark Hypko. I fell in LUST with Mark. He was from Germany.
I took German in 10th grade because I wanted to communicate with him.
He answered one letter to me, then nothing again. Bummer.

I really did like Mark. He was so cute.

Flash forward to what she's going to be doing in 10 years.
All my dried up corsages. Stuffed in a cedar box to protect them from what? Moths?

Don't hate. They WERE the hottest styles around at one time.


  1. OMGoodness! I even have my huge glasses on in my wedding picture!! Nothin wrong with *those* things!

  2. LOVE this post! How fun-- especially to be sharing it with your girls!

  3. haha! Mark's loss! Have you found him on FB yet? TOo funny :)

  4. Oh my gosh! This was such a fun post. I love that you have kept all this stuff in a special place.

  5. What a fun idea, and a trip down memory lane always brings laughs. Your girls must have giggled and giggled over this box!

  6. how fun for your girls to try on some of your things from the past. Ok so Maddie looks so much like you! The picture of you in the dress "old tyme" picture. you 2 look alot alike! how cute!


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