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Sunday, October 11, 2009

...enchanted rock, the beginning

Mike left town this weekend. I had no plans. I wanted to go to this famous "rock" here in Texas called "Enchanted Rock". {you can click on that word link, to explain the neat story behind why it's called Enchanted Rock.... it's got to do w/ the Indians}. So, I called my friend Mandi! Mandi's husband is a doctor and he's sometimes working on the weekends. She didn't have any plans either, so we planned the day to hit this amazing place! So... when the husband's are away, the wives will... go hiking.

{Isn't this a pretty flower? I love him, I love him not.... I don't think it's a daisy though}
Since I have so many awesome pictures, and neat stories to tell,

I will be breaking our adventure up over the next few days.

THIS is Enchanted Rock. See those little figurines up there on the top of that rock?

Those aren't ants... those are PEOPLE! Immediately, I gulped, thinking "what in the world did we get ourselves into... and with KIDS on top of it?!" It is 435 feet high, basically .6 of a mile that we have to climb, and it's steep... VERY steep.

When we arrived, we had to pay $6 an adult.... kids 12 & under are free. Yippee! We parked, and shivered immediately at how cold it was. It read 54 degrees. San Antonio was supposed to be 78 that day, so we were a little underdressed. We crossed a little concrete bridge that fortunately, was not covered with water. I love this picture of Katie helping out Mandi's little boy Johnny Scott. He's such a cutie. Love him to death. He loves Katie though.

The "1-2-3 EVERYONE JUMP" didn't reach Maddie in time.
I think she jumped on count 5 or something.
Mandi & Johnny Scott stayed a little behind the rest of us.
Y'know how 2 year olds are... they think they can do anything anyone else can.

The kids aren't even fazed one bit. Mandi & I at first said "well, we'll do what we can do." Then, Mandi turned to me and said "oh, we're SO doing this!" gulp "uh.. OK Mandi!"

I'm seriously hoping no one falls off this big round rock. It looks a little dangerous.

Can you see how steep this is? I'm not lying on the ground to get this picture! It's STEEP!

and this is the final picture you're going to get today, to hold you off until the next day.

Yes, we're THAT high!


  1. Oooo that is quite the hike. You go girl!

  2. I'm glad to see these pics. Ben and I always wanted to go there when we lived in TX. I guess you can camp and all kinds of stuff there. It looks really pretty-makes me miss TX:(

  3. what a great hike. I love spending time outdoors with my family.
    Great pictures. :)


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