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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

...i heart fall

i love fall

i miss the changing colors of the leaves

i miss the cold air and the rain that seems to come more often

i miss drinking hot apple cider ~ the good kind

i miss having decent pumpkin patches around town to take my girls to
i miss watching my girls rake up the leaves and jump in the piles

i miss fall


i made do with what we had here

we bought pumpkins at the grocery store {spent too much if you ask me}
i splurged and paid $5.99 for a gallon of louisburg kansas apple cider
it reminds me of home because i used to buy louisburg cider at home
and we made caramel apples
nothing says "fall" like caramel apples
now if we could just get the darn caramel to stick to the apples!


  1. Ooooo Yum! I love Caramel apples!

  2. My kids made caramel apples, but wouldn't eat them! "Too sticky". So after 2 days, I tossed them in the garbage. Oh well, making them was the fun I guess!


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