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Monday, October 5, 2009

... me 'n julie 'n a fabulous new do

I have a wonderful friend named Julie. When we moved into a new ward in Independence years ago, Mike went into the Young Men's program. He met this guy named Lopi. He's Tongan, and super awesome. Lopi has a wife named Julie. She's really tall. She's also a hairdresser, and every week she had a different hair color at church. Sometimes a different hairstyle too. She scared me to death... with all the self confidence. Mike & Lopi started hanging out more & more, so I got to know Julie. Turns out, she's a pretty nice person, and loves to laugh. Pretty soon, we were laughing ALL the time together, and she was someone I could totally be just myself with. She's one of my very best friends, now.
Well, Julie & Lopi came down to visit us! Mike, Lopi (pronounced low-pee... Julie had to demonstrate to me the "low" and "pee" so I could visualize it and remember) & Nate (their 18 year old son) went hog hunting {no hogs were hurt in this edition of "Mike attempts hog hunting part V"}. Julie & I went shopping.... got a pedicure... went shopping some more..... and had tons of fun. Julie also did my hair. It was late at night Thursday night. I asked her to put low lights in my hair to cover up some of the gray hair, so she did. When she got done, she said "hey, wanna cut your hair now?" It was now 11:00, and we were catching up on TIVO w/ Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice. I said very sleepily "suuuuurre". She said "watcha wanna do?" I said "I don't care.... just don't take me short yet". So she gets to cutting away, and before I knew it, she was done. I looked in the mirror. And went.... "oohhhhhh crap." She really layered my hair! And gave me some bangs! YIKES! She said immediately "hey, let's flat iron it so you'll see how it'll look!". I said "tomorrow... I'm tired" and went to bed.

So Friday morning comes, and she flat irons my hair. Turns out, it's a pretty awesome cut! She took some photos of me..... some turned out pretty OK! I hate having pictures of me taken.
And Julie's hair this time? Black & platinum blonde. Yep, she did it herself. My first words to her were "wow... a domino!" Later on I told her "nope, it reminds me of an oreo cookie". She loves her bling, her pink shades, manicures and flashy clothes. I love my friend Julie! She's awesome!

and how does my hair look when it's in its natural state of curly? Wow... it's curly. Definitely curlier. Will get back to you on that one later...


  1. amy, quit lying about grey hair! there is no way you could have any :)

    love your new 'do and your friend's hair also. she is very good

  2. cute new do! i remember julie from the chocolate bar---i think she was there--i remember her from somewhere! Anyway, I'm glad you had a wonderful time with an old friend!

  3. I think the new hair cut is SUPER cute! I love what she did with it! It sounds like you had a great time.

  4. Cute hair! Do you have your own flat iron? I may have an extra one if you need it.

  5. cute hair and cute pictures!

  6. Amy you really do look beautiful with your new hair! I love it. Its very flattering on you. This is a keeper for sure:) What does mike say?


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