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Friday, October 9, 2009

...the climb

A few weeks ago, Mike & I took the girls {and two boys who we were watching} to the big Bass Pro Shop. We dumped about $10 worth of quarters and let the kids try to shoot their hearts out by laser (or whatever it is...). After spending all our quarters, we walked some more. Katie & Brennan found the rock wall. Immediately, ALL four kids HAD to climb that wall. However, the two youngest ones were not ALLOWED because they had flip flops on. Ooh, let me tell you. The waterworks started and the "huffing & puffing" came.... and Mike had to take both Maddie & Kaedan away. So, I paid $4 each for Katie & Brennan to climb this wall.

It was Katie's first time. Ever. I'm thinking it might be the last too. But, she constantly amazes me with her determination. We might have to make another trip back.

Katie watched Brennan climb first. He had an area he had difficulty in. He finally made it up to the top to ring the bell. Then it's Katie's turn. She gets going, starts the climb {cue Miley Cyrus's "The Climb"}. Uh-oh. She's stuck. In the same area that B got stuck in.

Pretty soon, there's a huge crowd watching her. Her arms are trembling. I mean, they're REALLY trembling. Pretty soon, a voice calls out "put your right foot about 5 inches up" and "now, put your LEFT foot... no, that's your RIGHT foot.... don't you know which foot is which?" and finally...."KATIE! LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER! SHE'LL NEVER LEAD YOU ASTRAY!!" ....and..... to which she gave up and quit. Guess I should've kept my mouth shut. In her defense, she tried for over 5 minutes to get over this area, and just couldn't.

Way to go Katie! You constantly amaze me! I'm proud of you! Now, let's reread your favorite Dr. Seuss book from when you were a toddler: "The Foot Book". It goes: "left foot, right foot. feet feet feet! How many many feet we meet!" {I canNOT believe I can remember this entire book in my sleep! She wanted to read it in the morning! She wanted to read it in the afternoon! At night! An now... 10 years later I can recall it so easily?!}


  1. Ahhh I love Dr.Seuss. Classic! Go Katie for going up that wall. I am so scared of those things!


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