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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

...once bitten, twice....SCRATCH THAT!

Sunday night, I went to visit one of my childhood best friends, Malonda. She's here with her family for their annual church convention. So I packed the girls up in the car, drove 40 minutes to bond with my girl Malonda. They were in a resort, in a wooded area, surrounded by a river that was swollen with water. It had the perfect makings for swamp things {monsters!}... and mosquitos.


Let me tell you about mosquitoes....
I have a HATE relationship with these critters.
I swell up at the THOUGHT of them.
they love me SO much, it's sickening
and apparently, they also love Maddie
Katie comes into my room this evening, telling me to look at Maddie's legs. I freaked out. Mike freaked out {in his own way}. She wore bermuda shorts last night. Bug repellant spray WAS applied. Apparently, it doesn't repel. We need to bathe in this stuff, I guess.

I stopped counting after 73....
Poor Maddie.
I hope she doesn't get some horrible disease.

Waiting on her to fall asleep from the Benadryl I gave her..... it's not working.
It's been two hours.
Apparently bug spray AND benadryl doesn't work on her.


  1. So sorry Maddie! Have you ever tried Ivy Dry? They sell it at HEB in the first aid section, and I have a teensie bit left if you want to borrow it. It really helps soothe the itching :')

  2. Poor kid... they love me too. Those freakish creatures are immune to bug spray. Try rubbing dryer sheets on your skin or using Skin So Soft... it works and it smells much nicer than bug spray.

  3. 73!!! Oh I just want to cry. And yes the Skin so Soft bug repellent lotion is much better. It works for me and those darn bugs eat me alive daily.

  4. Oh that is so me every time I encounter mosquitoes. They love my blood. I'm thinking it's super tasty. Poor Maddie. You could try an oatmeal bath.

  5. wow! That is a lot of mosquitoes bits.
    I got about 30 when i was at girls camp!
    POOR girl.

  6. Poor Maddie! They like my boys and I too and I usually scar from the dumb things! Love your hair from the last post! What a fun friend Julie sounds like!

  7. The same thing happens to adam. Then they will start scratching them and then everything gets worse. I found putting campho-phenique on them eases the pain, itching and swelling. Within 2 days they were gone. Good luck!


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