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Thursday, October 15, 2009

...caution! enter at your own risk

My sister in law Marcie started something... yep, this year she turned Katie into a

teeny-bopper-poster-loving- tween

Aunt Marcie sent Katie a magazine for Teens/Tweens (Teen Bop... Teen Beat?.. I think?). I used to read Teen Bop! That was like AGES ago! With Kirk Cameron on the cover!
I was shocked they were still in business.

Well, inside of the magazines are posters. Katie went out and bought another magazine this summer...and turned their bedroom into a tween's room. Literally.

I didn't even know she liked the Jonas Brothers. She doesn't.
She just wanted posters on her wall.

Oh, she did splurge for the Taylor Swift poster. Oh, and can't forget that steamy scene in Twilight. THAT'S a must for any girl to dream about.
My poor parents & father in law... they had to sleep in this room full of posters. Kind of creepy when you think of all those eyes staring at you...
I still remember MY posters when I was a teen... gorgeous men in a tuxedo (yes, fully dressed). I was so proud of that poster. Sadly, I had one more poster, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was.


  1. My Mum never let me put posters of hot guys all over my walls. :(

  2. your other poster was probably either Jonathan Taylor Thomas or New Kids on the Block---pulled out of your own copy of Teen Beat :)

  3. I had some awesome posters too lol. Never really thought about the creepy factor for any outsiders involved :)


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