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Thursday, October 15, 2009

...enchanted rock, the finale of portraits

Johnny Scott took binoculars with him.
I imagine he wanted to view the world up close.
See the beauty.

.....or not.
I was taking so many pictures by now, his binoculars turned into a camera.

He just took a picture of me.

This is Mandi & her cute blondies.

Then Johnny Scott said "I take picture of you"
and he did.
With his binoculars.
I posed... of course.

These are my two cute blondies.

and finally, me with my two cute blondies.
They get it from their father.
He's a blonde.
But Maddie gets her nose from me.



  1. Amy! You are way too gorgeous looking for someone who just finished hiking up a mountain! :)

  2. She is Catherine Zeta Jones, I tell you! What a great set of posts... They have made me smile all week!

  3. what a beautiful picture of you with your girls.

  4. You are right. Madi has your face exactly just with blond hair. You and your cute girls look really good. How are you enjoying your new haircut?? Thanks again for the B day call:)

  5. Oh, I love Enchanted Rock! (I live in San Antonio, I'm assuming you are somewhere in the area?)

    Those are some great pictures!

  6. Adorable family! I love the little ones "camera" LOL

  7. Cool pictures! But, my big worry is... how did you get down off that rock??? I'm scared of heights. I'll climb up, but coming back down is a major problem! I had goosebumps for you all. Mom


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