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Thursday, October 8, 2009

...when in doubt, wing it

Tonight I looked over Maddie's homework. As far as I can understand it (and trust me, some of the 2nd grade homework is a bit difficult to understand!), she's supposed to write a word, and find a word that sounds like it. For example: bat & hat

Well, this is her list tonight, including the misspellings:

name lame
line fine
krite write
was mas
mate late
fuss because
five blive
nine mine
made kade
side fide
ate bate
fine bine
same mame (or name, can't read it)
hide mide
OK... help me out here. What is mide? Blive? Fide? Bine? Mas? Krite? Kade is a name.... I figured it out, so I had to sit her down, and write down words that SOUNDED alike vs writing just another letter to go in front of the rest of the word just doesn't work. Now, I'll write the teacher a note just in case I made her redo it all wrong. However, Maddie ensures me that the teacher doesn't care if it's a word that's made up. Suuuurrree. I've heard that story before, from her big sister.
Side note: what rhymes with because? I need to repeat elementary school, apparently.


  1. And what rhymes with because?... barbecue sauce. Duh.

    I'll point this out only because it's part of a language barrier I've had to overcome. When she writes fide and mide is that what she means or is it meant to be fight and might? American t's do sound like d's.

  2. LOL Laura!! Oh, your Scottish accent would be so worth it though to hear you talk!

    The teacher gave them endings they had to write words to, like -ide and -at, etc. She actually did say "FIDE" (rhymes with hide). Which is why I was so lost... she's a great speller & incredibly smart. :D

  3. I am laughing at this, she just wanted to be done with it as fast as possible---. Kids are so funny. but I think "because" rhymes with "was". ???

  4. Hmmm very interesting list. I don't look forward to helping my kids with their homework.

  5. Uuummm, maybe I need to start looking over the homework! Because - fuzz. That's what she was trying to write. :)

  6. i need to repeat elementary school with you! I had a hard time helping my 5th grader last night.

  7. Abby is always telling me "stories" about what her teacher wants for homework. I never believe her either.


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