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Friday, July 9, 2010

Maddie's special date night!

While big sister Katie is away at a special girls camp held at church.... Maddie has been enjoying the bed all to herself. She's been having the time of her life this week playing with friends, swimming every day, having mommy & daddy ALL to herself.

Tonight was our last night with Maddie before Katie comes home. We decided to take her out and do things she wanted to do (OK, things that Mommy gently steered her to pick).

lately she's the queen in weird expressions, not to mention WIDE eyes....

We ate out at Red Robins... hadn't been there in 2 years! Drank a yummy milkshake!

I had to crack up at the entrance sign into Bass Pro.... LIARS?!! NO WAY!

Then we went to Bass Pro Shops and walked around. Daddy carried in a bunch of quarters so we could shoot the "guns" {aka laser guns}. When Daddy ran out of quarters, Maddie used up all her change. This is really one of Maddie's most favorite activities.

Her score at first was below 100, which according to the signs, it means "NEED LESSONS".

.... so she's getting lessons.
Yes, her score did improve after that.

Then we walked around the store a bit, observing wildlife in very still
& yet slightly disturbing forms....

see the weird expression? I asked Mike "OK, now who does she get this from?" and he just glared at me and pointed his finger
toward moi....

Then Maddie found her ATV.


One of her very favorite colors.

A wonderful evening we had... :)

Can't wait for Katie to come home!
Maddie said...... "she can come home next week"


  1. What a fun time! It's always nice for kids to get one on one time with their parents. I love that she said that Katie can come home next week. LOL!

  2. Ha, she is so cute. Love all the pictures. Sounds like she had a great week, can't wait to hear about Katie's first experience at girls camp!

  3. So much fun for her!! She is soo tan, I'm pretty sure she is tanner then I am and I live in hawaii-- LOL =). Hope Katie had a good time at girls camp. I'm sure she did, I always LOVED IT...


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