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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

sometimes I'm so dumb...

Sometimes I'm so dumb,
that I realized just a few short years ago,
that INXS was NOT pronounced
I.N.X.S. (saying each letter by itself).

It's pronounced "In Excess"...


Sometimes I am so dumb
that I had no clue that "G&R"

Thanks to Mike for pointing those things out to me and making me feel so embarrassed from my high school years ... oh, what? 17 years ago?... and what my friends thought of me when we talked about those groups.


So... what dumb things have you done or realized lately?


  1. Too funny..we are all dumb at some point.

    When we first moved here, I was getting directions to a church activity and they told me to turn on De Zavala, but I had no idea what street it was so I spelled it how I heard it....::ready::...Days of Allah. I am such a dork!!

  2. hahaha. i used to think huebner and heebner were different streets :)

  3. Days of Allah!!! hahahaha!! I'm calling it that from now on. I thought INXS was pronounced "inksis" when the new hottie 5th grade was wearing one of their t-shirts, but that was a loooooooong time ago!! I used to call it Shuh-VA-no instead of SHEV-a-no Park...

  4. OK, since we're all talking about San Antonio streets & cities....

    Melissa: I totally thought the same thing "What in the world is HEEBNER? Why do they call it that? There's a U in Huebner!"

    Kristen: I used to call Shavano Park: Shah VAH NO. I think.. I just know I didn't call it what I know it's supposed to be called now. :D

    and Miss Jen.... thanks for the huge laugh. I'll never be able to think or drive on Dezavala again w/o calling it or thinking it's called "Days of Allah". :D

  5. Thanks for all your pointers with my camera! Already our pictures look 100x better! Love your blog.


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