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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our trip... part 2

While in this cute little town, we ate at this most awesome place... they have some of the best burgers & homemade fries. Plus, they have homemade PIES! Mike mentioned to me when he first went to this restaurant, that they had PEANUT BUTTER PIE! So, when he took me there for the first time, they ran out. SO disappointed! But this time... THIS time they had ONE piece left! and it was ALL mine! Totally reminded me of my grandpa's peanut butter pie, and I'm going to make one soon. Oh yes... it was that good!

Anyways, here are some odds & ends of pictures that I snapped.
I learned a lot this weekend...

I learned that a full case of water isn't enough for 4 people. We need at least 2, maybe three cases. Course, Gatorade is a must too... for those that like to drink it! (not me)

I learned that my girls can get silly when they get overheated & overworked.
But they still get along!

I learned we have wild grapes/berries growing on our land! The grapevines were ALL over the place. Does anyone know if these are poisonous? (Lorinda?)

I learned this beautiful scenery is in our backyard.... of someone else's property. (See the fence?) Still.... it'll be a good scenery for me.

And this final picture is taken from the road and if you go to the big tree past that sign, that's how long our property runs. Still, tons of work...


  1. Amy,

    Do you have a picture of the leaves? It looks like grapevines and grapes. I suggest that you look on your extension website.

    That's great that you guys found a place to build and dream. Hope it all turns out beautifully, but with all of your hard work there isn't much doubt that it will.



  2. This is such a beautiful country! How exciting for you!!! P.S. I made the lemon bars, and they were amazing! :)

  3. Peanut butter pie sounds sooo good! Send me your recipe. I would love to try it. ps-- your land is beautiful, I'm excited to see the finished work:)

  4. Land, land, land. I'm jealous. Thanks for the JCP tip!

  5. Those grapes look like concord grapes to me. I grew up in Massachusetts and ate them all the time...SO yummy! Although I'm not sure they grow in Texas.


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