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Thursday, August 5, 2010

our trip... part 3

I completely forgot to come back and finish out our trip!!

Mike's friend Shaun owns property next to ours... and it's a TON of property and it's just absolutely gorgeous on his side. I'm sure ours will get there & be beautiful too .... eventually. Anyways, he's building a cabin on his land, and this last trip was my first time seeing it other than seeing it as a concrete slab. It was awesome.
All I heard was "it has a loft... and a tree inside".

OK... a tree inside?

I have to say that I think the tree inside this house is a brilliant idea. At first I was kind of thinking "huh?!" But then I saw it. It grew on me.
Plus we found some great uses for the branches.

Since we didn't have a shower hooked up yet, our "shower" was a mat with a hose (and a super neat attachment that made you feel like it was a shower) & you had to the great big sky with pine trees surrounding us... it was kind of a neat experience taking a shower (freezing cold shower at that!) while looking at the big dipper!
Hopefully the shower will be hooked up soon... before winter.

Since the beds were upstairs in the loft, we had to climb a ladder to get to it.
Now, I'm not a fan of ladders. So, I tried my hardest not to go up and down as much as I could. But by the end of the trip, it was no biggie....
The loft held the beds, and eventually it will have railing overlooking the living room & kitchen.
And the tree.... can't forget the tree.

I love the outside. Surrounded by gorgeous pine trees.
Course, I can't forget that Shaun also killed a copperhead somewhere.... not sure if it's anywhere near there... and Mike killed a LONG and HUGE rat snake near this area.
Then again, it's not my favorite place. I'll enjoy it from afar.

But we sure enjoyed having a refrigerator!
Here's my cute blondie getting more water.

I might have part 4.....
suffering from poison oak or ivy on my wrist from this trip.
I came home w/ some bumps on my wrist, but nothing came of it until two weeks later and now I can't stop thinking of how itching my wrist will bring me SO much relief!
Might be time to go to the doctor... Mike's calling me a wuss.
Well, he hasn't given birth. So, who's a wuss? NOT me!


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