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Monday, August 30, 2010

we love longhorn cafe!!

There is seriously no other place in this world to get a better burger than Longhorn Cafe.

It's a small little restaurant that's not a bit fancy, and in fact, it's like a hole in the wall. Blink and you miss it! But, it has THE best burgers known to mankind. I love this place more than Five Guys Burgers (which we had for the first time last week, and we have NO clue what the big hype is about Five Guys considering they only got ONE order correct out of five orders placed!).

Anyways, my dad loves this place, so we went for a "linner".. or a "dunch" (cross between a lunch + dinner) after our adventurous day at Malibu Grand Prix (don't go there!).

Sadly, all of my pictures involve my girls rolling their eyes in "ahhing" and "oohing" so they just looked... odd. This one picture is the ONLY one that turned out that didn't have weird eye expressions.


For my San Antonio friends... if you ever want to go, let me know! I'll go w/ you! The onion rings are to DIE for (homemade!)... but the burgers are big enough that Mike, the girls & I all have to get 2 burgers and split them in half b/c they're SO big!

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