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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Signs... what do they mean?

After we got done playing mini golf ... we were hot. My dad sat down to tally up the score and I took advantage of our rest time to take some snapshots.

What I don't get is the hand signs that the girls always have to display every.single.time I take a picture. I mean... if you think about it, what does the letter V in the sign language alphabet even mean? If it's the Peace sign... let's add Maddie's scarf that has the Peace symbol all over it in tropical colors all over, or the 5 t-shirts she picked out that has PEACE written all over it, or the.....

Here's my example:

Me: "Maddie, put down that hand."

Me: "Maddie... I don't want that hand up either... PUT IT DOWN!"

Me thinking to myself: "ahhh, perfect! No V's going on here!"

Finally a great picture of Papa Rod with his blondies. He is, after all, the one who dubbed Katie "Blondie" when she was a little babe!

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