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Friday, August 27, 2010

Mini golf + my girls == they need lessons

My dad came into town the same day that Mike left town! We enjoyed Papa Rod so much! He stayed with us from Wednesday - Tuesday, and we had a relaxing, enjoyable time. One thing I told my dad when we prepared for him coming was that on Friday, it was going to be THE day to celebrate the end of summer! He said "whatever you want to do, I'll do it!". Which could mean... we could do Sea World! or Six Flags!! or ANYTHING!

But it's been SO hot, so we nixed Sea World & Six Flags.... and instead we went to Malibu Grand Prix! We'll never go there again.. so just know I'm not in any way endorsing this horrible place, but I had no clue what it was like before we went.

We started our day off with mini golf ... on the completely run down golf course. My girls, I don't think, have EVER played mini golf. Pretty sad, huh? I say sad b/c I used to play mini golf quite a bit growing up. So.. I'm GOOD! Oh yeah... totally good. Hey, I had a HOLE IN ONE! Back to my story: I really wanted the hot pink ball. I mean REALLY wanted the hot pink ball. Maddie took it from me, so I got lime green. ::sigh:: I really like the hot colors they have now! Instead of red, blue, green, orange & yellow, they have turquoise, hot orange, lime green, flourescent yellow! Hot Pink! PURPLE! Man, those colors themselves are awesome and SO much better than my childhood days of primary colors!

I LOVE how I did Katie's hair here! I hope she'll let me do it this way again!

Maddie... uh... yeah, she got a hole in one too. After Papa Rod threw her ball into the windmill about 5 times so it would come down the pipe and land directly into the hole.

Stay tuned for more pictures of our day. Which include riding the bumper boats (which was a joke... since they didn't "bump" nor move)... and a speedway track (which was a joke since most of them slowed down to a "Sunday driver" mode when you move up the hill)... and the arcade (which was a joke because... well, you get the idea).

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  1. This was the first time your girls every played mini golf??


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