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Sunday, August 29, 2010

bumper boats + speedway = a mad momma!

Continuing on .....

My dad went to sit in the air conditioned arcade for 3 hours while my girls & I roasted our butts off outside by waiting FOREVER for a teenager to figure out how to get people in a bumper boat (there were only 4 boats going out at a time... can you say "FUN!!!"?). I decided to pass b/c I didn't want to get water on me. Good choice.

My girls headed straight for the water being sprayed at people. Bad idea b/c they said the water smelled really bad and it was HOT water. Also bad idea? maddie didn't know how to move the darn boat, and stayed in the hot water almost the entire 5 minutes.

Here she is crying out to Katie: "How do you move this thing?" and "KATIE! COME BACK!" and "DON'T LEAVE ME!"

and just when it's time to come back in, the boat has a mind of its own, and takes off with Maddie AWAY from the deck... which starts Operation Bawl-Your-Head-Off-When-Your-Boat-Has-A-Mind-of-Its-Own.


We then moved onto the Speedway.. which was a joke. SERIOUSLY a joke. These cars probably ran in the '80's. Someone's car smoked white smoke all around the track, mine sputtered up and down the track (so did someone else's car)... and in the end, it wasn't fun.

But, it's for the kids, right?! Turn that frown upside down Momma!

Finally we joined Papa in the arcade, where we spent $$ on machines that took your money, didn't let you play a game, or give you two tickets for playing a 350,000 point Skeeball game. I mean, a tootsie roll is a minimum of 15 tickets! GIVE ME A BREAK!

Katie did finally find a game that spit out tickets... as usual.

I strived to take more pictures of my dad, but sadly I think I got more of his backside than his face: look at his awesome legs.

and his back!

Maddie & Papa play Air Hockey.

Oh, and just to prove to my girls in the future when they see literally NO pictures of their momma on this blog (y'know, b/c I'm always behind the camera?), that Momma did in fact show up with them on this day. The proof is there...

Me with Blondie #1
just now realizing I hate those sunglasses... need to go buy some new ones.

Me with Blondie #2
and I need to start wearing lip color again..... OK, I think I know why I never put pictures of myself on this blog.. I'm my own worst critic! But, I loved those earrings!

Overall, I had a great time seeing the smiles on their faces (well, when there WERE smiles on their faces that day!). It was hot... we were sweaty... and the service was horrible.... but it was a memory making day! :D Like I always say, look for the positive in any situation!


  1. Well, at least you tried to make the best out of it. It looks like your girls had fun though. :) You're a good Mom.


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