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Sunday, July 11, 2010

My birthday gifts....

I usually get money for my birthday from family... and this year I wanted to put it to GOOD use!

So, what better way then to spend it on my new hobby?
I thought so too!

I could do several things:
Buy Photoshop Elements....
Buy a new smashing Camera Strap sold by many people on Etsy.
Buy a Jo Totes camera bag that I've been wanting SO badly...
Course, if I did buy one, I wouldn't know which ONE to pick b/c they're all so amazing!

Buy a new lens.
Nothing else.
Chip in extra $$ of my own and buy the lens that I've been had my eye on for awhile....

So, what did I decide to do?
Bought a new camera strap which came in the mail a few days ago and I totally LOVE!
thanks in part to the surveys I do online to make some money and store in my PayPal account....
click on that link to the seller's etsy shop if you want one too!

AND bought a new Canon 50 mm 1.4 lens!!

I figured I could save up my $$ easier & faster by buying the big item stuff NOW with my bday money rather than the cheaper things (well, they're NOT cheap, but it would be easier to save up for them than it would be for a new lens!)

I love photography & can't wait to take some more awesome pictures!

Note: No one at any of these businesses mentioned above paid me, offered me anything in exchange for me spreading the word of their awesome stuff... :)


  1. Don't you love the little extra you get from the surveys? It's my play money and I love it. I can't wait to see what awesome pictures you take with your new lens!

  2. i love the orange bag...
    But i am a bag girl...

  3. How cute! Love those bags too.

  4. I am trying to decide between that orange camera bag and the teal one! LOVE them! Strap is cute, too. Fun click chics group--good idea. My bro is in san antonio by the medical center. btw, the lake we went to is lake conroe in houston, but we LOVE Canyon Lake in between austin and san antonio:)

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