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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies

When I was a Brownie many years ago, I sold cookies.  My Aunt Mary took me walking around the neighborhood of her parents house.  We sold a TON of cookies.  I remember going to St. Louis w/ my Girl Scout Troop with the proceeds of our sale.  I had a blast!  I remember going to Girl Scout Camp when I was a girl.  I lost my key to my storage chest, and bawled my eyes out.  My mom came out to bring me the spare key, and when I realized she came without me seeing her, I bawled even more.  I think I was in 4th grade then.  Obviously not old enough to be away from my mom for a week!  But, I remember the friends I made, the fun I had.

Now Maddie is in her first full year of being a Brownie.  She sold cookies for the first time.  I asked her "so, what's your goal that you want to sell?"  She said "10."  I said "perfect!".

What I didn't realize is how many girls are out there selling cookies!  TONS of them!  We were lucky to sell 30 boxes!  Kind of a bummer since her troop only gets .50 per box that is sold.  Kind of a rip off, if you ask me.  Plus the boxes got WAY smaller, and some of the cookies average out to be a quarter each.  But, oh well.....  Don't even get me started on the crappy prizes the girls get if you sell 100 boxes.  It's a little patch.  Oh yippy!  {{dripping in sarcasm}} 

2011-02-12 12.42.09

Well, yesterday was our turn to sit in front of our grocery store and sell cookies.  Maddie was a true salesman just like her grandpa & her great grandpa.  She started saying "cookies for your sweetheart?" when the men came out of the store.  One man w/ his wife/girlfriend told the girls "sorry, I already bought 5 boxes!" then came back within minutes b/c the girls gave him a sad look, and his wife chastised him big time for not spending another $3.50.  So he came back.

Maddie had the time of her life.  Our time slots are only an hour long, but she LOVED it!  She wanted to stay longer and have fun w/ her friends, wear the cookie costume and display her cute smile.


  1. "Cookies for your sweetheart?" How charming is she? I would totally make my hubby fork over the dough!


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