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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

haircuts .... always a challenge!

My girls have always had long....long hair.  Their daddy tells them they can never cut it.  I predict when they turn 18, they will cut their hair short.  So, in our family, the hair is the one thing you never touch (OK, except to brush, wash and put up).  I learned this when I got Katie's hair cut when she was four up to her shoulders.  I was in the doghouse for a while. 

However, Maddie's hair was getting WAY too long (translate: too long to comb through and was causing tears every time I combed it), so it was time to cut it.  I told the Great Clips gal "up here only" (indicating the breast level).  Katie and I sat watching her with our mouths open as she kept getting higher and higher.  OH, and she framed the face, thus giving Maddie long bangs.  GRRR!  She no longer looks like my little girl!  She has a much more grown up look to her now!  :(  As you can see, she lost about 8 inches of hair.  She should've only lost about 4-5 inches.  ::sigh::  Does that look like the breast level to you?!!


Katie on the other hand,.....at first the stylist didn't cut ENOUGH hair (like only 1 inch).  So I told her "yeah, you need to cut more."  So she did, and she gave Katie long layers, which Katie loves.  Her hair was the perfect length, and she is now able to sport curls that last all day long instead of falling out due to the weight of her hair!!  Yay!!  Curls brought to you by the curling iron Katie bought at Sally's with the money for her birthday from Papa Rod and Grandma Debbie.  It's a very cool curling iron that is pink.



A couple more because she went to modeling away for me....




  1. So cute! It is pretty short compared to what she started out with though. Love Katie's curls!

  2. I love them both!!! Just tell Mike to hush:) I bet they both feel like new women.

  3. So pretty! Love the curls! Do your girls' hair grow back quickly?


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