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Thursday, February 24, 2011

when it comes to talking on the phone.....

My two girls have two very different personalities.  One is very laid back.  Go with the flow type of personality.  The other is also pretty laid back, but can also be a little emotional to all things, but is the sweetest little girl ever.

But, when it comes to them talking on the phone, their voices/attitude on the phone flips completely.  The one who is very laid back and mellow becomes very antsy.... very "can't think fast on my feet" type of personality.  Course, depends on who she's talking to.  If it's someone she doesn't know, she freaks out & stutters & stammers her way through the conversation. However, if you know her, she talks a mile a minute.

The one who is emotional to all things, is very laid back on the phone.  So laid back, you have to wonder if she's still on the phone.

Here is a conversation w/ Katie:

Katie:  "Hello?"
Other person:  "Hi, can I talk to your mom?"
Katie:  "uh... uh.... uh.... ummmmm....... she can't talk right now, ummm, ummmm...can she call you back?"

Or, when I'm on the phone w/ Katie, she talks like the Chipmunks and I can't understand a darn thing she says.  She talks SO fast "MomcanIgototheparkwithMissyandJuliaandcanwealsoridebikeswe'llbereallysafeIpromise"  

I go "say what?"

Now, when Maddie answers the phone, it's a long "Helllloooooooooooooooooooo?"  Her voice dips when she says the L sounds in Hello, and carries the O for a while.  Funniest thing ever.  Totally laid back.  In fact, once she was talking to my mom, she got so laid back while talking to her, she forgot my mom was on the phone, and she just hung up on my mom.  Apparently her TV show was on.  She said she got bored.... wicked child. 

Anyways, funny how my girls' personalities flip completely when it comes to the phone!

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