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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Super Bowl .....

Yes, we had a Super Bowl get together.  It wasn't a party.  The guys weren't rowdy.  They were quiet.  We didn't have junk food... we had dinner (shish kabobs, chipotle rice, salad, wheat bread & fruit).  It was a nice, quiet, relaxing evening.

We've been inviting our friends over for the past 2 years, and this year they joined us again!

Good food.


Good friends.


Great conversation.


Unforgettable (and horrible) Half Time show..... 

I had more pictures, but I was playing around with my Manual setting, and I learned..... I still need to play around on my manual setting b/c they were just horrible and unfocuses.  So, no more pictures .... :( 


  1. how fun!!

    can you email me your recipe for chipotle rice?

  2. I cant believe how great your weather looks. We are freezing and sick:(( oh-- I hated the half time show too!


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