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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The 7th anniversary of my 29th birthday!

Ahhh... it was a great birthday!

I went to work, and a coworker brought me a HUGE cinnamon roll from the bakery across the street (I'm talking the size of a dinner plate). I promptly shared it w/ another friend! Another friend brought me a huge chocolate gourmet cupcake plus a bag full of chocolate candies that are a few of my favorites! Another friend made brownies (my favorite!) to share w/ the entire group at work! 

My dear friend Liza bought me a huge balloon bouquet -- my first ever!  Who would've thought that I'd get giddy over balloons?!  I did!!
Liza & I are slowly discovering Vera Bradley -- and she bought me the newest lunchbox!  LOVE it!!  Can't wait to take my lunch next week!

My dear friend Leisa has been making these delicious four layer cakes for years -- and I absolutely LOVE her cakes.  This is the 3rd year she's made me a cake for my birthday!  Love this woman!


Maddie wrote me a very cute letter -- can you read it?  Isn't it cute?

Katie ... this is funny.... Katie found me a gift on Amazon.  She said "I'm going to buy it".  I thought "whatever... she's not going to get far".  Well, she texts me at work and says "I found your gift on Amazon, and I'm going to order it."  I didn't respond.  Then, a few minutes later she texts again "Wait!  How am I supposed to order this?  I don't have a credit card!!"  So, I asked her what it was (to make sure it was worth spending money on in the first place for shipping) -- and when she forwarded me the link, I totally agreed with her choice.  I love Willow Tree!!  I have the nativity set and 3 other figurines.  I've given my girls Willow Tree figurines as well.  We love them!  However, I told her that we needed to check out the local stores first, b/c they would be the same price without shipping.  That night, we found the one she wanted to give me, and I LOVE IT!!
When Vera Bradley was having a sale a few weeks ago on bags for $17.99 -- I snatched one (or two) up.  I guess this is my birthday gift to myself?  I dunno... but my mom wanted to see what it looks like.  So, here ya go Mom!  Katie is using the other one, and she's babysitting right now and has it with her...

Since Mike was out of town, I celebrated my birthday by going to the movies w/ Liza and our girls -- then a quick trip to Longhorn Cafe for some yummy burgers and a final trip of the night to my happy place!  Target!  It was overall a wonderful day!  I'm so blessed with so many wonderful friends!


These two pictures of a quilt... I found at a garage sale today for $5.00 ... I was thinking of using them for photo shoots for families sitting on a blanket.  It is unbelievably soft -- good deal?  Is it cute enough for a photo shoot?



  1. Looks you had a wonderful Birthday!!
    Happy Birthday...

  2. Maddie is a GOOD artist! You can tell she's going to draw really well just by those small pictures she drew in your card! awesome! glad you had a great bday :)

  3. Happy b'day late! also, great find on the quilt. I love old quilts. It makes me sad that someone would sell it for $5, though. Someone made that! Don't you want to know the story behind it???


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