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Friday, June 10, 2011

THE Wedding

Kasey's wedding was set in Weston, Missouri --- at a beautiful placed called "The Big Red Barn".  It was the perfect site for a very comfortable wedding. Outdoor wedding, wind blowing not gently (goodbye good hair day), greenery everywhere, peace & quiet.. it was perfect.


This is my beautiful grandma & Kasey's older brother Zack... 


This is Zack walking the mother of the bride (aka my aunt) down the aisle

They had a TON of flower girls.... I think total was 6?  maybe 7?  They were all nieces of the groom, so naturally they all need to be in the wedding so none are left out. :)  It was a very cute addition, I must say!
I love this picture of Nate's best man (they had problems w/ the wind and setting the paper down) ...  I love the colors they picked (kind of a lime green, forgot the actual name of the color), the ties, the suits... it all!



Since Zack & Kasey lost their dad before Thanksgiving last year, and our grandpa on Thanksgiving, her brother gave her away -- sadly, out of all the pictures I took of them walking down, none of them show her smiling or looking up  :)  I think she was a tad bit nervous...



Here is the kiss that sealed the deal!


While her photographer was snapping some pictures of the others, I grabbed Kasey and propped her in the corner and shot a few pictures...
This is the picture w/ all the aunts & uncles on our side of the family.  Only ones missing are me & my brother and his family.... so we were mostly complete except for my little family being there!

Kasey did her cake just like I did .... enlisted our wonderful grandma and had her make a cake out of styrofoam and decorate it (for the record, my mom helped w/ my cake, and my aunt helped w/ Kasey's cake).  For my wedding, we had four different kinds of sheet cakes to choose from, and Kasey had cupcakes.

Everything on the table was white food .... I believe it was a little hard trying to come up with white desserts!



This was their first dance...
Kasey is a phenomenal singer .... when it was time for the mom's to dance with their child (traditionally the father/daughter dance), Kasey grabbed her mom and they all danced to "Momma's Song" by Carrie Underwood.  My grandma joined in...


The decorations were wonderfully done.  I have a hard time trying to pin exactly what the style was, but it was perfect...  Beautiful in every way.



Stay tuned for my final round of Wedding Pictures ......
silly (and not so silly) pictures of my CRAZY family!!


  1. Love these! Love the colors, the decorations, everything. Gorgeous!

  2. I agree with Andrea, Gorgeous!

  3. Thanks Amy!! Lets see.... YES, I was a "tad" nervous.. more like oh my gosh, i'm going to puke!! 2nd, wedding vibe in my own words would be vintage/rustic elegance, and THANK you for being there and bringing your fab camera. I still need the pics from my moms comp!! she's a little pokey :) Love u!


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