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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The funny moments in my life

Lately we've had a string of funny moments that occur.. and I HAVE to document them!  Unfortunately, I run this in my head when I'm driving of things I need to blog about, and since I added another year to my age yesterday, I'm blanking on all of them but one...

My girls have an adopted Mom whose name is Katie.  Katie is awesome.  Katie is an amazing baker ... sewing gal ... and has swooped by to get my girls when they are on break and I have to work.  She has baking days for them, and this summer she's been picking them up weekly for a trip to Sea World to go swimming.


Well, Katie has two little girls.  They have a special kind of "robe" that is terry and is basically a swimming suit cover up.  From what I gather from Madison, it looks like a bathrobe.  One day when my Katie was at volleyball camp, Maddie went to Sea World with Katie.  When I arrived after work to pick her up, she had her heavy flannel bathrobe on.  I go "what the crap?  Why do you have your bathrobe?"  Well, putting two and two together, she thought Katie's girls robe were bathrobes, so she takes her heavy bathrobe to Sea World instead of her towel.  Katie thought "man, she must be hot in that thing!"

Maddie admitted that she was dying of heat .. and sweating like a pig!  Thankfully, a friend had an extra terry "robe" that is a swimsuit cover up, so we're ready for the next Sea World excursion!!!

While we're on the subject of Madison, last week I had a conversation with her in the car.

I asked her the names of the roads we were on -- the names & phone numbers, addresses, etc of her family.  Then, I went into "what is your grandma's name?"  My mom's name is Debbie.  I asked her "what is her maiden name?"  She said "Deb" -- I said "no, a maiden name is the name a woman has before she is married."  She said "oh, uh... Debbie."  So, I gave her the answer.  By the time we got to MY grandma's name (which is Polly) -- she worked hard to figure out what Grandma Polly's maiden name was.

Her answer?  "uh....Polly Wanna Cracker?"  oh, I love my Maddie!

More funnies to come when I remember them... (trying not to show my age!)

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