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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The highs and mostly lows of this week

I was driving home today from working out ... in serious sore muscle pain with sweat dripping in my eyes .... thinking back on my week.  I could barely think of anything good that has happened.

I don't know if I'm the type of girl who sees the glass as being half full ... or half empty.  Probably half empty most of the time.  If I'm honest with myself...

This week though?  Ugh...

Here are my lows of this week:

1)  We came back home from being on vacation.  That's enough to make anyone sad.  And to turn around and go back on vacation again.  Course, having Maddie puke in the truck on the way home wasn't awesome either...

2)  I started reading the third book in the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo series... only to leave my book on our porch before a HUGE storm rolled through San Antonio (producing several tornadoes).  Did my husband or Madison bring my book inside when they came in?  No.  So, I found my book completely fat and filled with water.  Still trying to air dry it so I can finish reading it. It's amazing how big these books get when you get water on them!


3)  Speaking of those storms ...   I always sleep with my hearing aid out of my ear.  I don't hear a sound in the night.  So, imagine this HUGE horrible storm that comes raging through my city... and a HUGE thunder that manages to literally knock me out of our bed.  Yep ....  enough to make my heart leap out of my chest.  We also lost power for 7 hours.  :(  I didn't get a lot of sleep that night due to all the lightning and thundering.

4)  Maddie has some odd rash on her arms.  Mike & I have both had this same rash (from our property.. where else?), but it's spreading and now is in between her fingers.  The only good thing out of this is the fact that our $60 copay prescription steroid cream is working.  Hopefully. 

5)  I had my yearly appointment with my doctor doing just what every woman in the world looks forward to.  Yep.  No words need described here...

6)  I also had to get a tetanus shot.  Three days later my arm still has two bumps and it hurts.  Oww.  Doctor said "y'know.. the last time you had a tetanus shot was probably when you were a kid... and it's been about 25 years since you've been a kid, so you really need to update your booster shots."  Boooo!  At least I'll be ready if I ever step on a rusty nail.

7)  I gained weight.  I'm still not over that one yet.  Many thanks to being on vacation for 10 days.... I don't get it.. I even ate half of my meal each time!

8)  Speaking of being on vacation....  I returned back home and picked up my daily habit of going to the personal training workout place I've been frequently 3-4 times a week for the past 2 months.  Let's just say .... ouch.  My muscles are hurting ALL over again like they did for the first 3 weeks.  Maybe that one day of doing push ups and jump squats on vacation wasn't enough....  ya think?

9)  For the first time ever in the past two months -- I almost puked at my workout today.  Not good....

10)  I saw my first snake in Texas on Tuesday.  ::shudder::  It was as bright green as the grass is, and it just laid half on the walking trail I was on, and half off of it.  ::shudder::

11)  Teenagers.  The End.

Now for my highs....

1)  I got lots of packages in the mail while we were on our vacation.  Things I didn't even spend money on!  I love having a blog!

and ... that's it. 

Next week has to be a better week!  That the only time you'll see my "glass is half full" personality!  When you're on the bottom, the only way is up.

Make it a GREAT week!  :)


  1. Ohhh noooo I hate when that happens to books! I dropped one in the tub once. It was not a happy day for me. "Teenagers. The End." That just makes me laugh and worry for my two drama queens.

  2. That looks like a poison ivy rash.


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