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Thursday, March 22, 2012

I fell in love with Janie's Cakes in Tyler, Texas

The first official day of our trip to the property (our cabin) took us to Tyler (in Texas).  My friend Sarah told us she wanted to go to Janie's Cakes, as this bakery was featured on cable & in magazines.  So we plugged the address in the GPS and we were off.



We arrived at Janie's Cakes.  I was thinking we could sit down and order here, but it was a pick up and go type of place.  Jane herself was at the front taking orders ... and gave us a sample of her delicious pound cake with a type of frosting that Mike fell in love with.  In fact, he asked to buy it.  It wasn't for sale.  He was pretty sad....  All of the cakes are pound cakes, and all have different varieties.  In fact, they are all bundt cakes, so the specialty cakes have sauces right in the middle of the hole.  So, when you slice it, you get cake and a little bit of sauce in the middle.  What a great idea!



It was also a VERY special day there!  It was a "buy one get one free!" day!  So we lucked out big time and walked away with two cakes (well, four cakes if you count two families!).  Mike got the "Italian Jane" pound cake.  Our "free" cake was the "La Dolce Vita Jane" (a swirled cake of chocolate & plain pound cake).  Sarah bought the "Saucy Jane"... and got a free cake as well (the "La Dolce Vita Jane").  You can click on this link and go to all the options that are offered.  I really wanted to try the Chipper Jane or the Cinnamon Jane cake! 

So we brought them back to the cabin.  The packaged cake is adorable.. I LOVE the blue & yellow packaging that Jane picked out!  The bag... the box... the store.  Perfect!  When we were at the store, Jane's daughter & (perhaps daughter in law?) were packaging up orders for people to ship out.  They were so busy.  I mention this because you can order a cake and they will ship it to you.  Anyways, the way they have it packaged is a good thing.  They have it double layered in protection so your cake is fresh.




Now... I am not one to enjoy nuts in my food, so I didn't try the Italian Jane cake.  Everyone else absolutely LOVED it. (I am regretting not trying it.. it was gone before I could get a bite). I stuck solely to the Saucy Jane cake, and let me tell you.  It was heaven in my mouth.  The pound cake?  Delicious!  Moist!  The chocolate in the middle?  Out.Of.This.World!!!





We still have our La Dolce Vita Jane cake in the freezer.  This will be opened at the perfect time... in fact, our anniversary is next week, so that maybe perfect timing!

I know many people that read this blog are even remotely close to Tyler to make a visit to this bakery, but in all seriousness... order it online.  You will NOT regret it!

Thank you Jane!  We will most definitely be coming back for more in the future!!

P.S.... sorry for the crappy pictures... the lighting at my cabin is simply not the best!!

(disclosure:  Janie's Cakes did not compensate me for this blog post... I am merely shouting from the rooftops that this is an amazing cake... and you need to try it!)


  1. Stop it. That looks amazing. Note to self: Don't read Amy's blog when hungry. It only make you hungrier. Dang.

  2. Have been loving her cakes for years now - thrilled that so many people are finding out just how divine each cake tastes! Great blog!


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