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Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break at the cabin

For spring break this year, we headed to the cabin.  We (remember... we means Mike) still had lots to do on the cabin on the external side, so we took advantage of the spring weather to get these jobs done!

We were there over two weekends, and each weekend we had a different set of visitors!
The first weekend our friends Sarah, Justin and their adorable boy Cale came to visit.  They came last November as well for the weekend, and we love having them play.  The girls treat Cale just like a little brother ... he fits in the family well. :)

About a month ago, Mike bought some bushes to go along the property line by the road.  When the electrical pole went up (remember the story from here?) a lot of land had to be cleared so the electric wires -- (or service entrance -- Mike just told me) could be ran underground 4 feet to be hooked up to the cabin.  So, we had a bright open view of the cabin from the road.  We'd like as much privacy as possible, so Mike interrogated a bunch of lawn guys and found out which bushes are the best to plant that work well in droughts and grow fast.  He bought 15 of them, and we took them up on the trailer.  Sadly, it was like being in a hurricane for these plants on the trip .. imagine 5.5 hours of 70 mph winds!!!  Hopefully they will pull through!


So, Mike & Justin planted all the bushes, and Mike dug up a pine tree from our friend's property and replanted it on our property .... hopefully it will stay alive since the other two we planted have died already.  :(





While they were planting, Sarah & I went around chopping up wood.  All of us actually started gathering wood for firewood, and trimming trees, pulling down those annoying grapevines that are climbing all the trees.  So, we now have a fire pit!  Then, Sarah learned how to use the chainsaw, and away we went.  After we cut some obvious trees, Sarah said "what tree now?" and pointed to a very dead looking tree.  I said "sure!"  It was huge though.  However, Mike came around and we told him what we were going to do and he said "don't cut that one down!  It's my pee tree!"  So, the pee tree stays...



We made s'mores that afternoon (b/c it was going to rain that night) and we tried out Reese's peanut butter cups for the chocolate, and it was delicious!  Yummm!

They left Sunday afternoon.... and we hibernated in the cabin all afternoon and evening.  We had lots to do in the next 5 days before our next set of visitors came!

... to be continued!


  1. looks like you all worked hard over the weekend.....

  2. Everything is looking so good! It's got to be so wonderful to see all the work of your hands! What satisfaction. Mom

  3. I am super impressed with how awesome everything is going with your cabin. Makes me wish I had a cabin too.


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