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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break at the cabin ... part 3

The final part of this blog series for the Spring Break is about family visiting!

Mike's parents flew to Dallas and then rented a car to visit us for a few days.  Mike's sister Tiffany & her family came out also and stayed in our pop up outside.

For dinner that night we had a hot dog roast complete with more s'mores!


Down the road from our property there are some GORGEOUS fields of beautiful wildflowers.  I walked down the road to get some pictures ... just breathtaking!  I couldn't capture it in camera what I could see with my eye.


Katie and Grandma N....

When we arrived earlier that week, there was nothing on the trees.  NOTHING!  A week later, and all of a sudden, everything comes to life!  Loved being able to experience this birth of spring at the property!

Finally I took some pictures of the girls w/ their grandparents.


"Make a funny face!"

Whatever Papa said to make them laugh worked!

Mike jumps in the picture ... the girls are STILL laughing!


and finally ..... thankful that no one got hurt (bad) .... but Maddie did walk away w/ a horrible rash on her arm that spread to her other arm and inside her fingers.  Mike & I had the same rash before, so we knew what to do for it.  Not sure where she got it as nothing was alive when she was working the land!


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