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Thursday, March 1, 2012

when I was young....

I've been trying to find pictures of me when I was 14 year old.... because I wanted to compare exactly how much Katie & I are told we look alike.  I don't believe them. 

So I went to digging in my pictures.  I can't find all my pictures though .....

I did scan these pictures!  Brings back memories.... wonderful fun memories!

unfortunately in this picture, I don't remember anything at all.  However, it's a picture of my grandma Polly holding me as a baby.  We are in Big Sandy, Texas -- which ironically happens to be right down the road from where our cabin in!  Look at all those pine trees!


I think this is the only picture that I have on me in which I am 14 .... I met this girl Angela when I was a young girl.  She is hearing impaired just like I am, and we were pen pals for all of our childhood and teenage life. 

The date on the back of this picture says 1992 -- so I would be about a junior or senior in high school here.  My dad's company gave him tickets to the Paula Abdul concert, as well as backstage passes!  If you think she is very short.. you are right.  What you can't see is that she is also standing on her tippy toes as well!  This was my very first concert ever.  It was a great one as well -- we had third row seats too!  One memory of this concert is a drunk guy standing behind me w/ his 10th glass of beer .... dancing and splashing beer on my head.  Remember how I wear hearing aids?  Oh yeah... dad came to my rescue and told the guy off.  End of drunk guy spilling beer on my head.  The only time I've EVER smelled like beer....

This is my senior picture.  There is another picture that the photographer took, and I saw it on the screen briefly, but it was the last picture in his roll of film, and for some reason ... it no longer exists.  BOO!  Anyways, my aunt Lenee did my makeup and hair.  I really should have taken up trimming my eyebrows.  Yikes!

This is a picture that my friend Chris took of me when I was 19 or 20.  He is a photographer, and at the time he was majoring in photography and had some new backdrops.  So, late one night I posed for him (with my clothes on of course....  however the shirt is his b/c it went w/ the backdrop better than what I had).  I believe the leather jacket was his as well.....  but everything else is all me!

I've decided this is quite fun!  Stay tuned to more pictures of a young me w/ memories!!  It's a great idea to get them in a blog in case... we ever lose those pictures lying around! 


  1. i LOVE that your grandma is decked out in her scarf and earrings while camping! awesome pictures. :)

    the last pic of you in the guys shirt reminds me of when i was in jr. high and i would wear my dad's button down shirts all the time. i don't know if it really was in style or i just thought it was. LOL

  2. Great pictures.. And how cool that you met Miss Paula Abdul.


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