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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Being grateful and showing it on paper

I was going through pictures in my bedside table on Friday night.  Going through some of my favorite photos, favorite momentos that I saved of the girls when they were born -- their hat, their arm bracelets while in the hospital.  My favorite articles I read from Dear Ann Landers when I was a teenager.  My teenager photos. 

At this time, I had finally found the picture I had been looking for for years of my grandpa holding Katie when she was still a little wee one. His dog Buddy was looking at Katie, studying her. 


I did come upon four pieces of papers.  Seeing my grandpa's handwriting on them brought tears ... I miss him.  His two year anniversary date of passing away on Thankgiving is coming up. 

I had forgotten about these papers until that night.  Years ago (like 8-9 years) I had made all these papers with everyone's name on the top of their paper.  Everyone in the family had to go around and write something they were grateful for or loved about that person. 




All I could think was "what a great activity this was..."  What a great way to share things in ways that we may not have normally said to each other.  Plus here .. I have it in writing.  :)  (Love Miss Katie's handwriting and spelling?!)

So if you need a "Grateful" project -- try this activity. 

1 comment:

  1. When i was in YW my class did the grateful letters.. I still have mine. And every once in a while i read it..
    GREAT FHE idea...


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