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Monday, November 12, 2012

Decorating a teenager girls room ...

At first I think I was dreading decorating w/ a teenager.  I figured I would have had to title this post "How not to kill your teenager while decorating their room" -- but in reality, it was a piece of cake really doing this project w/ my teenager!

Katie has in her mind how her new bedroom should look.  We have the walls painted her color of choice.... some of the bedroom furniture still needs to be painted black .... and it's time to get the walls done!

She was in a hurry to get a comforter, and instead of WAITING for her dream comforter (it was a beautiful grey comforter, I loved it too...) -- she ended up making a drastic change in choice, and so therefore her "dream" bedroom was altered big time.  She wanted a grey bedspread -- but that particular weekend we started looking, she decided she was NOT going home empty handed.  (talk about stubborn children who regretted their choice a week later and begged to take so called bedding back to the store).  So now her bedroom is turquoise & brown.  We decided it was still OK to incorporate some more color in her pictures -- b/c after all... bedspreads can eventually be changed out.  Eventually.  Like in a few years.  Or so...

She wants to make a heart collage out of pictures, to go over her bed.  So we bought the canvas for those (we'll do 5x7 sizes).  Now to pick out the pictures and get them ordered.  So more posts to come in the near future for that!

However, the opposite side of the wall, we were able to do this weekend!

Katie & her BFF Madison painted the edges of her canvas different colors -- orange, yellow, lime green, burgandy, grey.  Then, after those were done & dried, she & I mod podged (I can't believe that's a word) the canvas & the pictures.



This is the end result!  We both love it!! 



She really loves these printables we found on the internet -- and the song "You are my Sunshine" ... my mom used to sing that song to my girls when they were younger.  We added in a few of her favorite pictures and ta da!  We have a fun wall!






stay tuned for part two of "decorating a teenager girl's room!" .... now on to start on "how to decorate a tween girl's room.  Starting with yarn balls.  Wish me luck!


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