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Sunday, November 11, 2012

We have a Piglet & a Barbie ...

I very rarely buy costumes for my kids.  If I can find a darn good price on a costume, then I'll buy it and save me a headache.  But in the past 5-7 years, my girls had to come up with a costume --HOMEMADE.

Our good friends came to our neighborhood like they did last year -- we have the best neighbors who give good candy!!

This year Maddie went as Barbie.  Katie straightened her hair, applied heavy blue eyeshadow & blush to her face.  Let her wear her silver heels .... and she carried a big silvery glittery bag like Barbie always has.


Katie & her BFF Madison went as Piglet & Roo.  I made the ears & the tail -- and we did buy a light pink shirt that was on clearance for $3.  I'm such a tightwad.  (I know Mike... I know...)  She & Maddie made her nose the night before. 



After walking half of a block, Maddie had to change shoes.  Ha ha... I knew that would happen and told her to take comfy shoes.



Before we left though -- I tried to do something cool for dinner.  So I made mummy pizza!  Very simple -- and very easy.  Add in veggies with ranch dip, and some orange pop -- we were set!


and yes ... I'm embarrassed to be walking around with 14-15 year olds for Halloween....

1 comment:

  1. They look so cute! I know what you mean about homemade costumes, though I think we have different reasons for why we go homemade. :)


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