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Monday, February 15, 2010

... it's a frugal way of cleaning your face

A few weeks ago in my BzzAgent package that I had been sent, I had gotten a box of face cleansers included with my makeup I was sent. I was ecstatic! I was almost out of cleansers.

I was using a full sheet before I realized I wasn't even using the entire sheet! I mean, the directions DID say I could go on and wash my whole body with it.. So, I cut it in half. After using it for a week, I realized I wasn't even using the entire half sheet! So, I cut it in half again! Now I got four nights worth of cleaning makeup off my face for the price of ONE sheet!

Can you say frugal? Can you say "let's count how many pennies we just saved?"

I think I'm sold on washing my face at night this way! For a box of 30, you now have 120 little squares of cleanser pads for a price of under $5.00. That's FOUR months!

::doing the happy dance::


  1. LOL, go Amy! I never thought to do that with mine.

  2. Wow-- just think how long that would make my costco pack last! :)


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