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Monday, February 22, 2010

...making cookies with the Young Women

since Katie is now in Young Women's (a group for girls ages 12-18 in our church), she's participating in activities now weekly.... and fundraisers! the girls made Valentine's Day Cookie Pops to raise money to go to Girls Camp in July!!

wednesday night every girl received a bag full of sugar cookie dough to roll out, cut out & bake cookies shaped as hearts with the stick inside. i am not a fan of sugar cookie dough. i.was.nervous! well, not anymore! i think I can accomplish this b/c the dough was COLD when I (errr....we?) did this! it is doable!

this is one of the uglier hearts that was made.... by us.
for some reason, they all poofed in different directions.

we were at my friend Kristen's home... she's THE decorator of cookies, let me tell you!

first she outlines. using a squirt bottle of all things! i need to get me one of these..
then she zig zags all over the inside line of the cookie

and if needed, uses a knife to spread it around....

or not....

this is Kristen.... she's pretty amazing
{and beautiful!}

here are some of the girls.....

they all came up with some GREAT creations!


after awhile, it was a MESS!

but Kristen remained calm through it all!
mixing away these beautiful colors of icing....

i just love this picture of the hot pink icing...

i'm sure I can speak for all the leaders of the Young Women's group...
we're GLAD the cookie fundraiser is DONE!! :) totally forgot to take pictures of the cookie bouquets they made... oops!

if you've made it this far, stay tuned for a giveaway that is coming up!!


  1. What fun cookies! I think that is such a good fundraising idea.

  2. Amazing looking cookies! Who knew to use a squirt bottle!?!

  3. Thanks for taking such great photos of that whole cookie fiasco! THat was NUTS!! And THANK YOU for helping us out, that was huge and too nice of you!!

  4. Wow, what a great and I am sure, very successful, fund raiser. The cookies looked amazing! Congrats to all those beautiful YW and their wonderful leaders!!!!


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