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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Friday night I took the girls to Mickey D's to eat (Mike went out of town.. I didn't want to cook!). I guess on Friday nights (or this specific one?) they were giving out samples to taste. All I know is that this little tiny cute drink was on my tray when I walked back to my table.

Maddie grabbed it, made a weird face after trying it out.

I grabbed it to taste it. It was some kind of frappachino? Or something with "a little bit of coffee" in it. Whatever those are called. I wouldn't know b/c I don't drink coffee. They sure are made to look good though! It didn't have the wording on the cups though, as these are like 3 inches tall.

Maddie said "is that what coffee tastes like?" I said "yes".

She said "oh, we don't drink coffee."

I said "I know... do you know WHY we don't drink coffee?"

Her reply?

"Because it doesn't have enough fiber in it."

thankfully, she did add in after that "oh, because the prophets told us not to drink it", and I had to tell her "yes, they gave us the word of wisdom and they counseled us not to drink HOT drinks, which according to latter day revelations, we learn that they mean coffee"

She said "yeah, but it still doesn't have a lot of fiber in it too."


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