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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

..... the lil' stinker

I have this little cute blondie...
she was so nervous a few minutes before she had to dance
she was so quiet
so shy

but so cute!

Somebody else came & entered into her body after the dance portion was over
because I don't know WHO this kid was!
This is what happened during the FANCY dinner we were eating at:

went back for seconds
...and thirds
....and fourths
and for what?
Mashed potatoes & dessert.

Talking out loud while the speakers were trying to talk
Giggling when toasts were given
and giggling some more when it was a time to be serious
EVERYONE stared at our table
Standing up and toasting when it was the "laddie's turn" and not the "lassie's turn"
Seriously, I had to play the "whose kid is this?! and where are her PARENTS?!" card
Doesn't help this kid is almost spitting image of me either...

Decided to dip her hands into the water
Whatever for, I have no clue

Giving the "GAG... it's a lemon" look
and doing it over
and over
and over again
Because it's funny to make silly faces

Suck on her fork

and basically... had the time of her life that night.


  1. At least she had fun :). I have to play the whose kid is this card on a daily basis, though we all know they act like their dad ;)

  2. Ha, she's too cute. I'm with Tonia, our kids act just like their dads so it's usually kinda hard to hide the fact that they are ours. :)

  3. LOL, well while you might have been annoyed I think that if I had been at a nearby table I would have been wonderfully entertained. :D


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