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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

.... so belated, but so worth it!

To our Blondie.....
(better late than never!)

You made your arrival a week past due, but you were the most beautiful baby girl

Your light blonde hair caused Papa Rod to nickname you Blondie
... and it stuck

Your cute little laugh mesmerized everyone
...& everyone fell in love with you

You were a quiet little girl
... so sweet
.... so loving

and you were most definitely a "Momma's Girl"

You were & still are the best big sister a little kid could ask for
...always sharing whatever you had

...and so patient with a mother who was learning the ropes
... so easygoing

I remember your cute glasses you wore for a short time
... and then lost for 3 months
(found behind the fridge...who'd think to look there?)

and when you broke your upper arm and had to wear a sling for 6 weeks
proved to us you were a daredevil...
still are!

the memory of when you won your first trophy for dancing
remains on my mind
.... the happiness you had and the bounce in your step
...all the hard work paid off!

the happy day when you decided to be baptized

you are growing up faster than I can keep up
.... a quick blink of the eye, and you're now 12 years old!

.... growing up into a beautiful young lady

always remember to smile
& the world smiles with you

for you are forever our Blondie!
Happy {belated} Birthday Katie!!


  1. such a cute tribute, Amy! You're such a great mom :) Can't believe our girls are 12 this year...Happy Birthday Katie!

  2. Very sweet birthday post. You are a great mom! Happy birthday to Katie!

  3. That was such a cute post! I love all those pictures!

  4. She is just a darling little girl. I remember all of those cute stages she went through. Where has the time gone. Now my littl blondie reminds me of her:)


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