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Monday, March 1, 2010

.....the road to being a pianist

My two girls are very different.

One is very into sports, and excels at it.

The other is into fine arts, like music.

One is very tenderhearted (aka... crybaby sometimes)

The other is very tough & has an outer shell made out of ... something hard.

In other words, they are complete opposites.

It wasn't until we moved to Texas that I realized something ... Madison rode with me the entire way down by herself. She kept changing the music stations to classical music. Hello! Falling asleep here to classical music! My dad on the other hand was rocking out to Martina McBride with Katie (I think he was sick & tired of Martina by the end of the trip). That was when I realized Madison was REALLY into music. Classical music.

We had a piano once. For a year. Then we moved. I was so sad. It was such a beautiful piano. Madison made up the prettiest songs on it... and I knew she possessed a talent.

Recently, my friend Mandi found a piano teacher that was not only a steal, but had two open spots back to back.... so we immediately claimed those two spots.

Madison is now taking piano lessons, and loves it. Course, I think she could do away with the half hour long lessons every day... but it's helping her.

And me? I'm helping her too here & there. We have to say the name of the notes outloud, and I realized that I can't seem to go backwards from G down to A... I must be getting old. Maddie has no problem saying her notes going backwards, but it takes me a few seconds to remember the letter .... oops.

And our piano? Still looking for it. Scouring Craigslist for just the right one.
For now, we're using a keyboard....


  1. Hopefully she will continue to love it!

  2. Yay Madison! I hope you find a piano.

  3. Yeah, I'm so excited for her. What books is she using?

  4. A new brother in our ward, Bryant Bird, buys/sells pianos and tunes them. (he came and tuned ours) Give him a call too.

    I giggled that she loves classical music so much. What a lady!

  5. That is great that Madison is learning how to play the piano. All of my kids play! I so enjoy listening to them practices :)


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