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Sunday, March 21, 2010

...what happens when you give a 5 year old a camera?

I have several old film things that need to be developed. I found out that at Sam's I can just take them in, have them put it all on a CD (and only pay $2.24!) instead of printing them all out! So I took three of them in. I was almost afraid of what was on the film b/c I had NO clue what was on it. It was things most likely taken by the girls.

The results were hilarious. I think all parents should give their kid the camera for the day and see what they capture. This week I will be showcasing some of these old pictures.

First off today, is this series of pictures by Madison. I know it was her because she was in the car with me picking up her sister from school.

First off.... let's start off with a self portrait.
They start young with these "hold out the camera and snap"

Then a picture of her Momma in the rearview mirror while waiting outside the school.

While waiting outside the school, let's snap a picture of the most beautiful house on the block of the street we live in. We lived three houses away from it. I loved this house. So did Maddie... apparently. There were three pictures of it on this film.

Let's take a drive through Independence.

Oh, let's snap a picture at the ugliest building in Independence, shall we?

and finally... our carpet.
Nothing says "a 5 year old took this picture" like a picture of carpet.

Stay tuned for more oldie pictures we found!!


  1. LOL! Those were so fun to look at.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Wonderful pictures.


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