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Thursday, March 18, 2010

...why I blog

Lately I've been thinking "why do I blog?"
Do I blog because I like to be on the computer?
Do I blog because I like to *cough* want to be like other cool people and show off my cool skills
(or lack of cool skills?)
Do I blog because I have an opinion and I feel like it needs to be heard?

No.... I don't feel like I know enough about one particular subject in order to
designate an entire blog ... wished I did though!
and I'm not very crafty...
..... and definitely can't think of things to decorate on a dime

But I do blog to journal the lives of my children and my family.
THIS is the reason for why I blog.

Last week I was bored. It was late at night. I decided to go back to the beginning of my blog and see how far we came along in three years.

I found out that I forgot the little things. The little things that in two to three years, I've ALREADY forgotten. I remember thinking "oh, I'll never forget this moment!" But I did.

I had forgotten about the temper tantrum Madison had when she didn't want to get dressed for school, and how I made her go to school in her jammies.

I had forgotten my baby's first day of school, and who shed the tears.

I had forgotten the incredible evening the girls & I had with my mom at the circus. The hilarious clowns who followed me around, and my girls' blue teeth.

I had forgotten about Katie's "If you Where...." poem. It was hilarious. I'm so glad I wrote it in my blog to capture her thoughts. And her bad spelling.

I had forgotten about our family's experience and how we felt changing schools... twice in one year. I forgot how Madison came home telling me about her new best friend who was just like me. They didn't talk much, let's put it that way.

I had forgotten about the time when I visited Katie at school and brought her Mr Goodcents. Her friend wasn't eating anything because she didn't have a lot of money, and whatever she brought for lunch, she ate for breakfast. I was SO proud of Katie.

I had forgotten when Katie won her Most Promising Dancer trophy. Her face was all splotched up for some reason ... but she was so happy.

I had forgotten the time I took a road trip by myself with the girls to St Louis for a Highland Dance competition. How Katie blew away all the big kids and won a big trophy for Best Dancer.

Point being, I forgot a lot of the little things. I don't want to forget. I want my family to one day read my blog (and hopefully it'll be made into a book by then for them!) and know that I strived to capture all the little things that I know we would forget. Things that get lost in our memories.

I can bet you have already forgotten a lot of things too about your family,
that you didn't think you'd ever forget.

Capture the moment! Before you know it, it'll be forgotten.
My oldest is now 12... it's already gone by too fast. WAY too fast.


  1. You need to make your blog into a book. I did, i have three blog books and will make another one in Dec.

  2. I blog for the same reason. I love documenting all the things that have happened in my life.

  3. I love the idea of making a blog book! Please do it, Amy! Love you, Mom

  4. Great Post. Just swinging by to wish you a happy weekend!


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